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"Where Work Is Done By Hands That Care"








We have operated as a General Contractor for over 17 years. We understand how every component of a home works together because we do it for a living!

Our owner was born and raised in Blue Springs where his grandfather worked for the City as the "City Administrator" . . . before that title was even official!

We hold a Class "A" License which is far superior to the general city licensing held by most General Contractors. Extensive knowledge and testing are required.

We are double insured by holding a current General Liability Policy as well as requiring a Liability & Worker's Compensation Policy by all Subcontractors.

Our owner is a proud Marine who loves his country and appreciates those who served. We are pleased to provide Military & Veteran discounts.

We are so confident in our work, that we provide an additional Workmanship Warranty on top of the standard Warranties provided by Manufacturers.

We Care!

All of this means nothing without you. We are honored to have your business and strive to ensure you feel that way. Our business depends on your happiness and referrals!

Welcome to the family!

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