Why We Don't Do Bids

You just called your insurance company and they told you to "Get bids from three Contractors". So being the responsible property owner you are, you begin to look in to and contact a few Contractors in the area to start getting bids. In this Post, we are going to explore why this is suggested, why it is not in your best interest, and why we don't play by these rules.

Why Insurance Companies Suggest Acquiring Bids

The primary reason an Insurance Company might tell you to start the Claims Process by asking for several bids is to first confirm that there is in fact damage. The chances are if you have called three or more marketed Roofing Contractors, you will likely have found one who knows at least a little bit about storm damage and is able to verify what is and is not covered by insurance.

Another reason, and more likely in a "Catastrophe" situation, is they are either attempting to buy themselves time to get to your claim or save the internal work and associated costs of having an inside adjuster work up the claim in its entirety. It is common for Insurance Companies to hire Independent Adjusters to help take on the increased load after a large storm. The Adjusters "represent" the Insurance Company, but are only around temporarily and paid per claim. If you are stalled by having to contact several Contractors and explain to them what your Insurance Company wants, you have just taken on more unnecessary work for yourself while doing the Adjuster's job for him.

Why This Does Not Work

First of all, it is never wise to choose a Contractor based solely on pricing. For the most part, Contractors have similar costs associated with doing business. A significant gap in Bid Amounts is an almost surefire sign that someone is cutting corners. Whether that is in the form of materials, labor, certifications, insurance, or other variables, you have to be certain you are comparing Apples to Apples.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, when it comes to Insurance Work, Bids don't really mean anything. The Scope and Pricing for the job is determined by the facilitating Contractor in conjunction with the Insurance Adjuster. Insurance Companies now pay out with a Two-Check Process (click here for more information). This means that regardless of whether you choose the highest, lowest, or middle bid, the Insurance Company is only going to pay for the price of repairs... leaving you with a mediocre Job and more money in their pockets. Not to mention the extra loops they had you jump through to get there.

Why BSG Services Does Not Bid Insurance Jobs

At BSG Services, we love our customers. Quite often we develop a close working relationship with our clients because we believe in doing the right thing, educating, and looking out for their best interest. We have Specialized as Insurance Consultants since 2004. This alone puts us in an entirely separate classification of Contractors. We fight for our clients to ensure that their rights are respected and they receive all that they are entitled to. Quite often, this alone results in a higher Dollar Amount than the average Contractor's Bid.

We also value our time as well as yours. At any given time, we have a varying number of open Claims being handled through our office. Getting caught in a "Bidding War" is not something that we are interested in. Our Customers choose us because of the value we bring to the table, not the lowest price. We know they have lives and careers that require their attention and they trust us to do our job in handling their Insurance Claim according to our knowledge and experience.

The best part? When working with BSG Services, our clients enjoy a simple and carefree experience while receiving the highest quality final product with a Warranty to match... And all at no extra cost to them. You don't have to know all of your rights, but we do!

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