Young Men Serving Their Community

BSG Services has specialized in storm damage restoration for many years now. The weather events of March 6, 2017, however, brought with it a new type of experience which we had not known before. The devastation wrought by the Oak Grove tornado caused so much damage that helicopters hovered over our town for days, news footage covered the media on a national scale, Emergency and Law Enforcement Teams were brought in from miles away.

It has been a week and half since the sirens silenced. Daily routines are back in place and reality has had sufficient time to set in for the majority of us. I want to take this time, then, to draw your attention once again away from the loss and tragedy and focus on the beauty that has forged its way through the mess and aftermath of the storm.

Today I am honored to recognize a few of Oak Grove's own. I have the privilege of being able to introduce to you a few boys who represent the upcoming generation in our community. In a time where there are so many uncertainties and character seems to be held in less and less regard, these young men have stepped up with an attitude of love and compassion for those around them in need.

They have taken time out of their normal schedules to reach out and serve others... Offering to lend a hand when they see people in need. They have worked in the snow and during their weekend and Spring breaks. They have demonstrated a work ethic that surpasses that of many men and a gracious spirit that has touched the hearts of some of those most harshly effected by the storm.

It has been a delight to see them step out of their comfort zones and grown as individuals and an immeasurable reward to hear of the effects of their kindness which originates from their sincere and genuine spirits

As a business, we are proud to have them represent our company. Even more, as a parent of little boys, they give me hope and excitement for all of the opportunity and good that will be done by their hands. Today they stand grounded in their values, planning for tomorrow, and setting the standard for their upcoming generation.

Oak Grove if you see them out, shake their hand. They are the future leaders of this community.

Thank you Aden Swift, Riley Squires, Sawyer Triplett, and Eli Hicks! Keep up the good work. You are appreciated.

#OakGrove #OakGroveStrong #BSGboys

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