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Why You Shouldn't Meet With Your Adjuster Alone

You wouldn't go to court without taking an attorney. So why would you meet with your insurance adjuster without qualified representation?

Most property owners expect the Insurance Company to be on their side. After all... you properly covered your home, you paid your premiums on time, and isn't that their job?

Unfortunately, this is not case. Here's a quick run down of why you should select a Contractor who specializes in and has the proper training to navigate the Insurance Process.

  1. Adjusters are employed by the Insurance Company and the Insurance Company has its own assets to look after. While it may seem like the Adjuster is there to help you get all that should be included in your claim covered, this is not always the case. In countless situations, Insurance Companies have directed their in-house and independently contracted adjusters to "deny all claims the first time", "approve a minimal number of items", "do not cover the full scope of damage", or "leave out specific items". As a homeowner, it is not you responsibility or even ability to follow the adjuster and make sure he includes everything that should be included. You don't have to endure this process alone or be the expert yourself... we work as your advocate free of charge. If in the end you get denied by insurance and there is nothing else we can do, you still don't owe us anything.

  2. Adjusters are human too. Ok, this is an easy one. Let's be honest... most Insurance Adjusters are good people just doing their job. If you take out the interests of their employer and get a good one who strongly believes in looking out for the homeowner, your on the right track to being taken care of. But how many other claims is he running today? How late was he up working last night? Did he have his coffee yet? The truth is... he probably is a great person, but we are all human and capable of making mistakes. Having one of our representatives there ensures you have another set of eyes making sure everything that should be covered is.

  3. Sometimes things have to get legal. Don't let the word legal scare you... we specialize in looking out for our clients' rights. If you Insurance Company is refusing to give you all that you are entitled to, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that will get the job done without you having to worry or stress.

Considering having an Claims Consultant & Contractor? Here's why we believe we're qualified to fit the bill:

  1. Our services are free of charge. We get paid by the Insurance Company. All you will be responsible for is your deductible.

  2. We can get up to 95% more out of your claim than you would receive without of services.

  3. Insurance Restoration is our specialty. Our representatives have the experience and training to facilitate your project from the beginning stages of filing a claim to the final sign off and Warranty exchange. We will handle all invoicing and supplements as well as final documentation that your project was completed and done right!

  4. We believe in customer service. Our job is to maximize your claim resulting in the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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