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#OakGroveStrong : A Community of Love

Witnessing the loss of others is always a difficult task. We are usually able to approach homeowners and families with the understanding that we are here to help them and it makes our job a little easier. Today, however, the loss hurts a little more. As we walk around and witness the devastation in our own backyard, it is difficult to leave behind the images of families returning home to pick up any scraps of their home which was completely intact the day before. It is nothing short of heartbreaking. But it is with great pride that we also look around to see the community come together with an attitude of love and encouragement to help those who were most severely affected. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful community. Especially at a time when so much turmoil and division exists in our nation, it is sobering to be reminded that we are truly all one. Love conquers all!

#OakGroveStrong #Tornado #Love #Encouragement #InsuranceRestoration

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