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Now that your Job is in Process, here is what you can expect. If you have any questions regarding your Claim, please contact your designated Project Manager.

~The Golden Rules of Operations~

Contract Signed!

Congratulations, you are an official BSG Client! Now that we have a signed Contract and other necessary information, your Project is underway. You should have received a Job Number in your Email. This can be used to track your claim from beginning to end.





Your Project Manager has been hard at work collecting information and documenting any additional damage that was missed by your Insurance Adjuster. This information is being submitted to your Insurance Company for approval. This step often results in additional funds being released to you by your Insurance Company. Please be aware: If you received information in any form (e.i. Phone call, Email, Paperwork, additional Funds), please notify your Project Manager at your earliest convenience. Failure to do so could cause unnecessary delays and a stalls in Construction.

Once an approved Scope and Amount is agreed upon by BSG and your Insurance Provider, the Construction Process can begin. You should have picked out any materials and colors by now. If you haven't, please call you Project Manager for more information.

Note: If you have a loan on your Property, it is likely that a Mortgagor was listed on your Insurance Check. If this is the case, we will facilitate the Mortgage Check Process for you. Once the check(s) are returned, we will order materials.

It's build day! Most Trades warrant a 1-2 day install time. If you have multiple trades we will schedule them in the appropriate order and monitor the progress. Your Project Manager will be around ensure good quality control and address any concerns you may have.

Note: Please make your Project Manager aware of any extenuating circumstances in relation to your job far ahead of time. Examples are animals needing to be put inside, automobiles or boats in close proximity to the building, etc.

Welcome home! It's always a wonderful experience to see a Job come to completion. It is amazing how new Exterior Components can transform the entire look of a Property. We hope you are please with our work. If not, please inform you Project Manager on any concerns you may have or how we can improve in the future.

This can be done at the final Walk Through. Once every trade is completed and you are satisfied, your Project Manager will give you a Certificate of Completion to fill out. This is a necessary document which will be sent over with additional documentation to your Insurance Company. This will prompt them to release the Depreciation on your claim.


We will be following up with your Insurance Company to be sure we have satisfied their requirements. Once all funds are in, please contact your Project Manager to schedule a time to pick up your final payment. Once this is returned to our office, you can expect to receive your Warranty and Paid in Full Letter within 2-3 weeks.

Note: If you are moving, please inform you Project Manager of your new address.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you! As you know, we are a Veteran Owned and Family Operated Company. We are dependent on your satisfaction to continue to thrive. We would appreciate you taking the time to leave us a quick review. Also, don't forget to take advantage of our Customer Incentive Program and earn cash back. Ask your Project Manager for more information!

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